Casto Canyon Trail

At A Glance
24.9 miles
0 hours
Trailhead Elevation:
7079 feet
Elevation Change:
Visitor Usage:
Hike, Bike, Horse
Camping Details:
Fuel, food, lodging and camping are available in Panguitch along Hwy 89 and the Red Canyon Area along Hwy 12. Camping is not allowed at the parking area/trailhead

Beginning at the Casto Canyon trailhead, the trail takes you into a wonderful world of red hoodoos, sandstone cliffs of white, pink and even green colors. The spectacular red rock is evident along most of the Casto Canyon ride until you reach the forested areas of ponderosa pines, where the colors changes with every turn of the trail. This trail includes several passages through the usually dry riverbed but local heavy thunderstorms can and will change that quickly. The trail goes upwards easterly for approximately 5.5 miles where it connects to the Sanford Road. The trail continues northeast approximately 1.9 miles and is referred to as the Barney Cove Trail.

The trail junction with the Sanford road will also connect you to the Limeklin trail which drops back down towards the west and ends near the Panguitch Airport. The Sanford road additionally connects the rider to the Fremont ATV trail, on which the traveler can go south towards Tropic Reservoir and the Great Western Trail and north to the Piute ATV trail system. Elevation changes from approximately 7000 feet to 7840 at the Sanford Road/Barney Cove Trail area.

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Map | Directions

From Panguitch, head south along Hwy 89, (shoulder of the road only) towards the first dirt road on the left just prior to going up the hill. This dirt road takes you past the dump and continues along until you reach the trailhead.

The other approach is from Hwy 12 east towards Red Canyon, and just prior to reaching the first red rocks you will spot the sign for Losee and Casto Canyons on the left side (north) of the highway. Take the good dirt road to the trailheads of Losee and then further on Casto Canyon.