Meeting Minutes for December 12, 2003



December 10, 2003


Escalante Interagency Office at 6:30pm



Various treats provided by Elaine Lott and Cindy Calbaum were available to munch on during our meeting. Chairman Elaine Lott reviewed the year with completion of the OHV Trails Brochure and Trails Web Page was now on the internet, but still under construction. She commended the Trails Committee and the Agencies on a job well done, encouraging it to continue under the new Chairman Bill Weppner.

Budget Update – Bill Weppner

Bill Weppner reviewed the Budget hearing held on November 18th with the Commissioners that he attended along with Cydne Quitter, Rachel Kennon, and Margie Weppner. The Committee had requested a 2004 budget of $35,000 for trail signing, ATV safety promotion program for kids, and a Hike/Bike/Horse brochure. Cydne reported the $35,000 was approved.

Election of New Vice Chairman, Secretary, Area Representatives

Before the nomination & election of new officers under the Chairman began, Bill Weppner presented Elaine with a Garmen Hand Held GPS Device as a gift of appreciation for her service the previous 2 years in the Trails Committee.

The election process was opened up for nomination for Vice Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer, Western Region, and Central Region Area Representative.

Cydne indicated that Gregg Green who was the Western Area Rep had sold his KOA Campground and moved to Alabama. She nominated Dick Murdock, the only other member from the Western Region in attendance, to replace Gregg. He accepted. There was no one in attendance from the Central Region so no nominations were made. There was some discussion over concerns of the lack of participation from the members in the Central & Western Regions. It was decided that an effort would be made to contact these members and encourage them to attend.

Bill nominated Cydne Quitter to continue being Secretary/Treasure. Cydne suggested the bylaws be amended to separate the Secretary and Treasurer duties. She indicated she needed to concentrate her efforts on completing the mapping projects to satisfy the grants we had received and the Secretarial duties were taking up a lot of her time. Bill suggested the Vice Chairman & Secretary positions be combined and nominated Margie Weppner for that office. The Committee agreed and voted Margie Weppner as Vice Chairman/Secretary and Cydne Quitter as Treasurer. Emilee Lott will continue as Eastern Area Representative.

Trail Signing Update

Cydne reported a signing agreement had been signed by the Forest Service and the Commission, which allowed the Trails Committee to fund $21,500 for the 3 trail signing proposals received from the Cedar, Powell, & Escalante Districts of the Dixie National Forest. In addition, she reported Garfield County Trails Decals and additional signing is being ordered to sign routes that connect to the areas in the Forest Service proposals from the effected communities.


Brian Bellew reported on the importance of contacting your representatives and senators to encourage them to approve $1 million in funding for the Non Motorized Trails Grant Program. Bill volunteered to write a letter on behalf of the Trails Committee encouraging this funding. He also discussed his idea of funding an ATV Safety Incentive Program to encourage kids to participate in the Utah ATV Safety Certification Program. Cydne suggested applying for the Utah State OHV grant to help with this program. The Committee agreed to sponsor this program in the 2004 budget. The RCA Grant is available and several members suggested coming up with a project relating to equestrian use would be beneficial. Elaine Lott and Kendal Farnsworth offered to take the application and work with others in the area to produce a project. There was continued support of a continuing Trails Brochure Series for Hiking, Biking, and Equestrian. Those people who are interested in putting together such a brochure are encouraged to contact Rachel Kennon, Brian Bellew, Cindy Calbaum, & Elaine Lott. Del LeFevre suggested the Trails Committee provide a presentation in the Mayors Meeting next month to help encourage the Towns of Garfield County to participate with Committee. The Committee agreed and Cydne will find out the date of this meeting (January 29th at Ruby’s Inn).

Calendar of events for 2004 & Work Projects

The Committee discussed and committed to doing more hands on projects this year especially since the signing materials will be purchased and people will be needed to assist in placing them. A membership drive was determined to be a top priority for 2004 and be handled by Area Representatives.

8:00PM    Other Business & Adjourn

An announcement was made of a meeting between the Commission and various Federal Land Managers being held on December 19th at 10:00am at the Courthouse in regards to the new County OHV Ordinances and Road Concerns. Trails Committee members were invited to attend.

The next meeting is scheduled for 6:30pm Wednesday January 14, 2004 in Panguitch at the County Building Commission Chambers. If there are conflicts with this date or other items to be considered on the agenda please call Margie Weppner at (435) 826-4563 or email [email protected]