Meeting Minutes for June 4, 2003

The meeting started with voting in one member, Louie Bernardo, from the last meeting.

Cydne updated the Committee the OHV access issues UDOT had met with Brian Bremner to discuss earlier this week that we had identified on various Highways in the County. UDOT indicated that they would have to look at each area identified and assess whether OHV use would be allowed. Cydne also handed out a draft of the County OHV Ordinance for the Committee to read and comment on. Comments need to be sent back to Cydne by next week. This draft was also going to be submitted to the Commission and the County Attorney in the June 9th Commission Meeting for their review.

Bill Thompson of Utah State Parks made a presentation of the One Day OHV Routes from communities that State Parks is trying to put together. He reviewed the process of identifying loops, implementing a signing plan, and printing a brochure size map with a detail description of the trail. He would like to work in cooperation with the Garfield County Trails Committee in the development of these One Day OHV Route Maps. The Trails Committee would benefit tremendously by working with State Parks who have a developed signing plan along with the knowledge and manpower to implement the plan.

The State of Utah Parks and Recreation is holding a Trails Conference on September 18th & 19th and would like members of the Committee to attend. They would also like a person to participate in a Panel Discussion on the last day pertaining to Trail Grants & the Future of Trails in Utah. It was determined that the Trails Committee would send two people familiar with trails and grants to the Conference paying travel expenses. There were 4 people interested with a couple not sure of their schedule, so more information will be obtained before a decision is made.

The OHV Sign resembling that one located in Antimony was discussed and tabled until contact is made with each town by the Area Representatives to see if the towns are even interested in such a sign.

The web page proposal was a lengthy discussion in which it was decided to accept the proposal from GO-Utah.Com. Web Page design and obtaining web page addresses would start immediately. Gregg urged everyone to submit their ideas of what they want on the web page, trail pictures, and trail descriptions to him in writing as soon as possible. There will be only a few trails in each region of the County and for each use displayed on the Garfield County Trails site due to the cost per page. The bulk of the trails pictures and descriptions will be on the Interactive map that will be hosted on the AGRC server at no cost. The web page should be up in approximately two weeks with the interactive map being added at a later date pending OHV Trail use approvals from all agencies, including UDOT and the County.

The brochure was quickly discussed with an agreement to select a group of people to work on it. Elaine Lott, Donna Owens, Bill Weppner, Sal Luca, Cydne Quitter, and anyone else who wants to participate would make up the Brochure Committee. If these names are not correct, please let the secretary know.

Details for the National Trails Day Project at the Under the Point Hiking & Equestrian Trail on June 7th were discussed for a few minutes. A sample of the Garfield County Trails T-Shirt was displayed and offered to all of those who would participate in the Trails Project.

The next meeting is scheduled for 6:30pm July 9th, 2003 at the Monument Visitor Center Conference room in Cannonville.

Possible agenda items are reviewing what is on theWeb Page, Brochure progress, Trail Signing needs, maybe scheduling a trail project and any other items necessary.

If there are conflicts with this date or other items to be considered on the agenda please call Cydne at (435) 676-1101 or email [email protected]