Meeting Minutes - Augest 14, 2003

Welcome, Vote in New Members, Housekeeping items.

The meeting was held in Escalante and there were no new members. Housekeeping items basically consisted of reviewing the information the agencies participating in our grants need to provide. An extensive accounting process must be completed once our grant goals are met in order to receive the money we requested based on matching dollars submitted by the different agencies.

Grants & Accounting for match

The Committee was notified they were awarded the Utah State OHV Grant for $15,000. This money will pay for the printing of the Detailed OHV Maps for 3 to 4 Regions of the County.

UDOT ATV Access Issues – Cydne

The OHV/ATV access issues along different portions of State Highways like Hwy 12, 89, & 143 were discussed. Cydne indicated that UDOT had finally got back with Brian Bremner in response to our requests. They had approved the route along Hwy 143 (Panguitch Lake Rd) south of Panguitch to the DD Hollow Rd, but not the route along the north side of Hwy 89 going east of Panguitch to the dump road (Casto Cyn. access). Their reasoning for this was the River Lane Route to Limekiln & other roads in that area that would connect to the Casto Canyon Trail. The Forest Service approved the access issue at Pass Creek and Northshore Rd. The route would cross Hwy 143 to the existing two-track road across and just west from the Pass Creek Rd to connect to the Northshore Rd, which completes the Panguitch to Panguitch Lake Loop. At this time they did not see the need for the route along Hwy 12 from Cannonville to Bulldog (water tank) route due to access issues to Bulldog Bench on the Monument. UDOT partially approved the route along Hwy 12 from Main Canyon to Escalante. They only approved the portion along Hwy 12 from Hwy 12 to the Little Desert Rd, which requires crossing the Hwy to the south and taking the Little Desert Rd. to other roads connecting into Escalante. The Little Desert Rd. is on the Monument, so will have to be looked at for OHV access. It was also indicated that UDOT did not approve the route along Hwy 12 going east out of Escalante to the Hole in the Rock Rd. However, after Cydne reviewed with Brian Bremner after the meeting, he doesn’t think he presented them with that route. UDOT did not approve any of the routes along Hwy 12 near the town of Boulder or on the Boulder Mtn. near Oak Creek area, basically because there were no viable safe routes along the Hwy. The people that Brian is working with at UDOT indicated that there had been a management change so the access guidelines they normally go by for these types of issues has been changing and becoming more strict. These types of issues are a long-term process and the Committee agreed to keep working on them.

County OHV Ordinances & Trail Map Public Comment Period –Cydne

Cydne indicated that the County has the OHV/ATV Ordinance open for Public Comment until September 5th, 2003 at which time they will be approved. This will allow OHV/ATV use of certain County roads deemed necessary for route completions. This will hopefully solve the Hole In The Rock issue.

Trails Booth at Rocky Mtn. Jamboree – Bill Weppner

Bill indicated that he and Jim Caldwell would put together and man a booth with pictures, map, brochures, etc. at the Rocky Mountain Jamboree ATV Expo on September 19th & 20th in Richfield. Cydne told Bill that Chris Popovich had contacted her with interest in participating with the Booth and would like Bill to contact him.

Web page Trails Descriptions, Maps, and Members Page

Gregg Green had email Cydne with the password for the Members section on our web page. Any members needing that information contact Gregg at 676-2225 or Cydne at 676-1101. He also had indicated that it was now on the search engines and more trail descriptions for the Central & Eastern part of the County were needed desperately for all uses. Cydne said (and provided copies of) maps of the Casto Canyon and the Paunsaugunt OHV Trials were put on the Web page until the Interactive Map went on line. She said she would make a map for each trail that was put on the web page.

Brochure Draft Layout Review & Approval

Cydne presented the Draft Layout of the Garfield County ATV/OHV Trails Brochure. The Committee reviewed all aspects of the brochure (text, pictures, overall design) making the appropriate changes they felt necessary. It was voted to approve printing 10,000 brochures with the indicated changes. After getting some public feed back from this first printing it was agreed that appropriate changes would be done and voted on before the next set of brochures were printed. Many expressed their excitement at finally getting the brochure and that Headpin Design and the brochure committee had done a very nice job. The brochures are expected to be back in time for the Rocky Mtn. Jamboree and will be available to the Public via Visitor Centers, Businesses, & Government Agencies.

Trail Signing

Cydne reminded the Committee the budget year is nearing to an end and it would be nice to get some trails signed. The Committee was asked to work with the agencies in their regions to select a trail or two that is in dire need of signing to present at the next meeting.

Other Business

Donna Owens, the Powell District Ranger for the Dixie National Forest, mentioned that Public Lands Day is on Saturday September 20th. She would like the Committee to consider a project day rehabilitating some areas where ATV’s had caused damage. It does not have to be on September 20th, but sometime before the weather gets cold. The Committee agreed to determine the details at the next meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled for 6:30pm September 11th, 2003 in Panguitch at the County Court House. Possible agenda items are finalizing Rocky Mtn. Jamboree booth details, discuss participation in the San Juan Safari ATV Rendezvous, reviewing and selecting trails signing needs, scheduling ATV trail rehabilitation projects, distribute brochures (if they are in) and any other items necessary. If there are conflicts with this date or other items to be considered on the agenda please call Cydne at (435) 676-1101 or email [email protected]