Poison Creek Trail

As the Poison Creek OHV route continues to climb in altitude toward the Griffin Top, be sure to stop and look behind you to take in the overwhelming views of the mountains and plateaus extending north, west, and south. The route seems to reach the top and traverses through a sparse growth of young Quaking Aspens after which you will need to look for an unsigned two track coming from the left that heads approximately north to northwest across an open area. This route will lead to what is called "Poison Creek Reservoir", which is basically a very small pond. There should be an old wood sign to the left of the "Pond" indicating the name of this body of water.

From this point an actual "OHV Trail" begins the decent back toward Antimony. The decent is quite steep on loose rocky soil in some areas (not for the novice rider), through moderately thick stands of aspen that show the battle scars of Elk Antlers. At some point the trail traverses along the Poison Creek stream bed, which in July of 2003 did not have any water running in it until about half way down the mountain, then the trail crosses it several times as it descends back into the Junipers. A lone grouse was spotted so it is assumed more were hiding in the brush.

At the bottom of this trail, a metal gate leads on to BLM land for a short distance then enters through another gate onto private land so please close the gate. Take an immediate left on a two track that takes you over to a road past a house and down a gravel road to another gate. Please be considerate when crossing through private land! This road intersects with the main gravel road that will take you back to the beginning of the Poison Creek OHV Route.

This route is not recommended during winter months due to deep snow and could be extremely muddy with the possibility of flash floods during heavy rain events. Contact the Escalante District Office of the Dixie National Forest for specific route conditions and map details.

20.5 miles
Camping Details:
Fuel, Food and Camping are available in the town of Antimony and the location of some great homemade pie!